Be your Own Boss: Attractive Commercial Space : Part 7 of 10

Creating an inviting retail office

Charming Indoor Arrangement

Enthrall your customers with a soothing arrangement of plants and greenery dominating your indoor setting, and if you feel that your commercial space is too small, just add some mirrors. Mirrors exude a wonderful illusion of spaciousness, and they also welcome more sunlight to keep the room bright and airy.


Outdoor Setting & Curb Appeal

If you have an outdoor setting, a lawn or even a patio, you must put it to good use, particularly if you intend to run a salon, spa, or more importantly, a restaurant or coffee shop. Boost the curb appeal with a beautiful bed of colorful roses and flowers, tidy up the lawn, and create a lovely outdoor arrangement that urges passersby to stop and step inside for a look.


 Playing with Paint

The best part about renting an affordable retail space is that it allows you to save up money for the upkeep and décor. A fresh coat of paint is undoubtedly the cheapest, most effective strategy to pour new life into your commercial space. You can play around with an eclectic combination of color palettes, depending on the vibe you seek to create.





Are you paying too much rent?

$26.40 per square foot