What is a Fair Commercial rent?


Ideal Location


How much space do you need?

This is the most crucial question to ask yourself before starting your search for the best commercial space for rent. How much space do you and your employees need to start operations? Be sure to consider the size of your workforce, the space needed for running your business including holding inventory, and the ambience you seek to create to impress your customers.

Centrally Located

All small business owners seek out centrally located commercial spaces that help them build a strong brand image, along with maintaining a visible presence in the industry. Having a centrally located commercial space will not only help you attract clients, but it will also ensure convenience for you and your employees.

Cost Comparison of Prospective Locations

Once you have the factors above outlined, it's time to comparison shop locations.  You will often see a price per square foot advertised.  This represents the cost per year and square foot.  

To calculate the monthly rent from an advertisement, we now offer a calculator to make it easy.  Try It Here

A location is $20 per square foot and has 2,000 square feet.  The rent is $40,000 ($20 times 2,000) per year.  The monthly rent amount is $3,333.33 per month. Electricity at a minimum is typically not included in this, and you may have a separate water/sewer bill.  In addition, many places charge common area maintenance (CAM) charges.  You will need to inquire on the additional cost for this as it's often not advertised.   These calculations apply to both retail and office locations.

If you currently rent a location

You may not know know the current price per square foot you are paying; so you may not be able to compare them to other advertisements. To calculate the the rent per square foot, we offer a different calculator on the right side of this page.

With the comparison of other locations and their prices, you can now make an informed choice.




Are you paying too much rent?

$26.40 per square foot