Be your Own Boss: Checklist For Starting a Business: Part 2 of 10

Checklist To Start New Busines

Budgeting & Financials

Budgeting is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect as it will help you understand the amount of money you dedicated towards finding the right office for lease, alongside managing other expenses and procurements. Be sure to carve out a flexible budget, and focus on starting small so that you can give your operations and projects a test-run before investing all your savings.


Commercial Space

All businesses, be it a medical facility, a hair salon or a coffee shop, are known by the ambience and environment of their commercial venues. As a small business owner, you need to focus on finding an affordable retail space, or a spacious office for lease, which suits the scale of your operations, and helps create the environment you seek for your operations.


Décor & Setup

Setting up a new commercial space always requires a substantial amount of furniture and fixtures, and even if you decide to walk down the DIY route, you will still have to create an environment that is comfortable, and functional for your operations.


Loans & Financing

Applying for loans and grants is a crucial process that allow entrepreneurs must avail. There are many government-allocated grants and schemes that help cover startup expenses, while small business owners can also make sure of multiple financial products designed for startups.


Putting it Together

A business plan helps bring your marketing plan, with your finances and helps ensure that you stand out from your competition.  Let’s face it that we compete with other businesses for the same customers.  The better we come to our customers- the better off we will be.




Are you paying too much rent?

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