Be your Own Boss: Finding the Perfect Retail Space? : Part 5 of 10

Finding a retail location

What are you looking for in a Retail Space?

Majority of the small business owners enter the market to find the perfect commercial space without a clue of what they are really looking for. Before you begin the hunt, you need to visualize the retail space that you want to create and streamline a list of requirements and needs that are crucial.


Do your Homework

You simply cannot step into the commercial real estate market to hunt for you an ideal and affordable retail space without doing your research. You have to allocate a specific amount of time to conduct your research, and during this period, you must equip yourself with a vast array of knowledge on various neighborhoods and localities, and commercial buildings. Be sure to undertake a comparative analysis of various neighborhoods and properties by comparing their costs, amenities and other factors.


Browse through Neighborhoods

If you want to find an attractive and affordable commercial space for rent, you need to start browsing through different neighborhoods and localities to provide yourself with a wide range of variety to choose from. It is important to streamline your search and narrow down your hunt for the right commercial space to two or three neighborhoods that are convenient for you and your employees.




Are you paying too much rent?

$26.40 per square foot