Be your Own Boss: Fund a Startup: Part 4 of 10

Funding A New Retail Office


Affordable Commercial Space

Entrepreneurs can save up a great deal of money if they manage to find an affordable retail space, or a budget-friendly office space for rent. The idea is to do your research, both secondary and primary, and continue browsing through the local markets, and multiple neighborhoods, until you find the perfect commercial space to suit your budget and other requirements.


Dipping into Savings

Are you planning to finance your business by dipping into your savings, or using the funds saved up in your 401(K)? It is important to note that using all the savings in your egg nest to finance your startup is not advisable, you can always start by injecting a small amount of money and then increasing your investment once your operations have really taken off.


Small Business Grant

Coming from an unbiased prospective, grants can be difficult to find.  Horizon Commercial Leasing has introduced a small business grant, worth upto $2,000, to help empower small business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors and creative geniuses with the means to finance their dreams. This amount can be used to find an appropriate commercial space for rent, alongside decorating the space, utilities and other startup expenses.   


Avoid the Credit Card

Many small business owners use their credit cards to pay off many day to day expense and operational bills, which is a terrible habit that can create a great deal of trouble. If you have already taken a loan, or used up all your savings, do you really want to increase the loans and liability on your business?




Are you paying too much rent?

$26.40 per square foot