Be your Own Boss: Shopping on a Budget: Part 8 of 10

Budgeting for a new retail office

We strongly urge small business owners to take pragmatic decisions when it comes to hunting for affordable retail space. In this article, we will help you understand multiple integral concepts and strategies.


Budgeting & Limitations

Small business owners commonly struggle with the challenges of raising startup capital and budgeting often compels them to continue putting off their dreams. Finding an economical commercial space for rent is not that overwhelming, as long as you can carve out a substantial budget, and use it efficiently.


Do your Research

Studying, examining and observing the commercial real estate market is crucially important in order to assess the competitive analysis of various properties that meet your budgetary requirements. Be sure to examine and compare all similar properties in your desirable neighborhood before making your decision.


Renovations: Yes or No?

You can walk down the DIY route, and glam up the space with a fresh coat of paint, flowers and plants, and other budget-friendly strategies.


Competitive Commercial Lease
What about finding a more affordable place to lease? Commercial leases are several years in length and this adds up. Cutting expenses, such as finding a competitive commercial lease, are often overlooked. Financing almost always has interest costs.  Cutting expenses may save you more than financing in the end and is a more conservative.


Are you paying too much rent?

$26.40 per square foot