Be your Own Boss: Why Join Score?: Part 9 of 10

score new retail office

A Multitude of Opportunities

Connecting with SCORE allows entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to carve out their own commercial space and brand with a variety of opportunities. These including knowledge building workshops, training sessions, industry-wide recognition, networking opportunities, and leadership roles that will help you grow as a professional.


Networking with Business Leaders

SCORE is a remarkable platform for networking purposes, and it is always holding spectacular events, workshops and sessions that will allow you to interact with industry insiders and business leaders from your local industry and across the country. These meetings will help you introduce your business and vision, expand your professional network, acquire new skills, and get onboard with high profile investors.


SCORE Training

Entrepreneurs who are struggling afford a commercial space for rent often find it excruciatingly difficult to train their employees. The industry, be it fashion, beauty, technology or bio-chemicals, is constantly evolving and innovating, and SCORE’s training sessions, workshops and skill-building sessions offer remarkable learning opportunities for you and your employees. These workshops focus on marketing, communication, leadership, public speaking, finance and more.


Become a Community Leader

SCORE allows entrepreneurs and business owners to develop meaningful connections across the local and national business community. By becoming a mentor or trainer at one of their workshops you can establish a credible reputation as an industry expert. SCORE also allows you opportunities to expand your market and give back to your local economy and community.



Are you paying too much rent?

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